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we wrote this back in 2011, great machine, very understated, and well worth purchasing if you can find one…  “not made anymore”

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Tesoro Eldorado 1st. gen.

Not made anymore
April 26, 2011
Well where do I start, this was a replacement for a laser b1 & silver sabre, did not know if I wanted a bandido or Eldorado, a prezzi for my birthday decided, as I was used to the bi the first thing I learnt quickly was that the discrim needed to be at 11 o’clock and not on zero.
The supplied coil was a spider coil, now in the mid 90’s I tried this on the laser and found it no good (wrong)it was me being set in my ways, any way, I always used the widescan so the first thing I did was put on the 81/2″ widescan, hey ho the only real difference was the tone, but I quickly got used to it ok, great little detector, easy to ground balance, with the advantage of a 3 way switch-able freq. so if detecting near other tesoros I flick a switch with out stopping (strange that it does not affect the eld, only other machines)all coils work well 12″ concentric and the silvers 8″ concentric, although I don’t use these as my preference is the wide scan.

I have tried them, the only coil I am waiting to try when I can afford one is the sef 12×10, like all tesoro’s it is not overly deep, but it has found 3 scattered hoards, very responsive on silver, and relics, in England this machine is my preferred one for Roman sites, with a 8″ wide scan coil, the recovery is remarkable, with iron as a broken chirp or a one way broken signal, non ferrous it says dig me (but only if you listen) I have lovely coins and artefacts from amongst the iron contaminated ground on Roman sites, I even dig small shards of iron and nails amongst the soil to get out the goodies; easy to use all day, without getting tired, small light and easy to set up, not over balanced by a larger coil.

I use the spider coil on non contaminated field sites with good results, and the widescan can be used on parks with massive results; Why is this machine good ? Because the machine is not fussy, it does what it says on the tin. 2 grumps, need a larger coil, and the fiberglass lower stem, when its dirty and you collapse it into the middle stem it soon becomes non responsive, and wont fold away, the answer is to get a metal one, I used a lasor one, as it is longer, and the problem was solved, if you see this detector for sale, buy it if you can, most of them are cheap, you wont regret it, especially on contaminated sites.

The two guys I detect with both went out and got tesoros because of what they can do. Thank you for reading this and I hope it is helpful.

Andy from Essex uk

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