Rodent Wars;

Well we are now seven weeks into the “rodental wars” at first I thought that it was an unfortunate problem, but as I started the clean up operation it soon become more and more of a problem, war had been declared without me realizing the terrorist were undermining me, my hobby, work and sanity….
It all started when my neighbour got a hole in his bag of bird seed, with that, it soon became clear it was a mouse, and holes soon appeared in a nibbled bag of ripe horse manure !
Without further ado the mouse traps were laid and baited, with results of one caught straight away that night, great that sorted that out ?
Wrong… THERE WERE MICE not a mouse, here is a bit of a back ground to the chain of events…
Bearing in mind, I am a plough boy well versed in the destruction that mice can and do cause, so after my own little visit, many years ago, i have always had poison down in one form or another, as i did not want four legged visitors;

A quick explanation to where my very own little piece of tranquillity sits might explain a bit more of this, so a brief history, I resided on the top landing of our little three bedroomed semi for many years with my work, hunting bits, books and what ever an adult child might possess, like all children you try to maintain a normal amount of bits and pieces, but like life itself you soon become inundated with things you collect from gifts to bits you find and collect out Treasure Hunting, so one day before I came home the decision was made for me to go and live in the big shed ! [which is treble the size of the little shed ?] was I happy mmm, it seemed like a good idea at the time, while the position of the shed itself, or the “shofficce” as my daughters call it, sits in the garden, it is a converted brick shed, with a rough old concrete floor, so Martin the soon to be son in law laid proper floor-tiles, in a light shade of grey… so now it is a lot easier to mop out the mud from another hunt [where as the old concrete floor had more than seen better days& would have been problematic]…  Although having many upsides one of the major downsides to moving out was the brickwork was only a single skin, meaning there were holes in the walls, around the windows and door etc…  although the brickwork in the main was good, it needed repairing and a few bricks replaced, so the brickwork was sealed & repointed where it needed it, as was the window, before the walls were insulated inside with three inch polystyrene sheets & clad with nineteen millimetre plywood, also as the roof was concrete that was given the same treatment as the external walls, once the ceiling was put in place, it all works very well keeping out the winter chills, helped by an electric “tube-heater” so far so good, it has evolved over time with different bits added, to the inside & outside, apart from a cold floor it worked well until war broke out, on an unprecedented level…

Many years of happily living in a shed was dealt a small blow, as all was well until i had a brief visit from a four legged visitor a few years after moving in, that was spotted and nipped in the bud straight away, no damage caused at all “phew” got away with that… hence the decision to put poison down & after being put down it would always remain down…

Ok back to the plot, well this time we must have “ninja stealth mice” i had seen no trace of mice, no droppings on the work surface, on the books i was using, finds trays, chemicals the poison went untouched etc-etc… then seven weeks ago, the neighbours had a visit, me being twitchy checked again, it did seem as though i had escaped, by this time the neighbour Martin had another squished mouse, mmm I was now looking to be very vigilant but so far nothing, on that fateful day i sat down, which was a couple of days after the previous check, i was working on the computer when my eyes wandered over to the poison, which had been placed strategically near the door for ease of checking, so after my eyes wandered over to the poison & then back to the computer screen, I had not even started to tap at the keyboard when my eyeballs kicked my brain into gear, IT HAD BEEN EATEN, admittedly not all of it had been eaten but a fair old chunk had gone… then the alarm bells started to ring, with the loud urgent blare of a war-time claxon…

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