Rodent Wars… Part 5

Well the little buggers are still here, although there is very little evidence, but the animal feed is being consumed, yet the little darlings are leaving the poison till last, and treating it as a desert, plus along with the newly bagged but ripe horse manure being munched on, they are determined to pee me off, and with a great deal of success, I might add…

So after the disposal of the last lot of spoiled items, this new round of the massive cull is taking shape, more Identification books, coin books, journals etc – etc… have had to be disposed off, with the sad news that the Archaeological Journals from the 1800’s have had to go, as the pages that are chewed and spoiled, are too far gone to be restored, even though some of the plates look ok I really don’t think I could touch them, so these have been bagged and are going with the rest into a giant incinerator…

I have sourced a local landowner with a massive incinerator, who has agreed through a third party to cremate all the rest of my written life, and anything that needs to be disposed of, such as the remaining ID books, clothing and other bits and pieces, the good thing about this contact is, any material whether paper, card or metal, literally anything can be feed into this monster, with the metal becoming molten, and when the molten metal falls through the grids into the ashpan and cools  down no matter what the composition of the metal it collects into its own solid form, which is then categorised into the type of scrap metal for the scrap man to take away, clever hey !

So the next few days is going to be one of bagging everything into quarter ton bags ready to be cremated, I suppose the only good thing is, if there is an upside, that I do not have to separate everything into this pile or that pile, this beast does not take prisoners with its all consuming greed to be fed…


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