An amazing fathers day gift, from my girls, they never stop amazing me, this was a father’s day gift, that all started when they were attending a flower show, and one of the stalls made rustic designs of flowers, birds on spade handles and rural scenes along with a plethora of other bits and pieces, this was months before the actual date fathers day was due to fall on, with their cunning minds going into overdrive, they asked if they could manufacture a bespoke design, one for metal detecting, the stall holders said they had never done one before but in the spirit of “we will give it a go”

to which the girls gave an idea of what was required along with a photo, and this is the end result, a stock detectorist off of the internet and a representation of Toby, brilliant, very well pleased with this… well done guys…and a big thank you to my amazing family… all I have to do now is find a home for this little piece of art to hang – mmmm hold that thought, i do have an idea though ?


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