Pay the Farmer….

My opinion mmmmm; well my opinion on the title, honest, no I would not pay the farmer to detect on his land…

Yet when you attend a rally, or an organised dig nine times out of ten the farmer receives financial compensation for fifty or so camouflaged, water boot wearing, scary people to traipse around his land, digging up all of the green-waste he has just spread around his fields, with a smattering of finds or scrap just to tease the person paying for the privilege, or is that just me being cynical…

So what happens when a newly formed club in your area, sets a presdents of approaching a farmer offering £200 a day to detect ? well that’s just, what happened to me, three of my farmers have said yes, where does that leave me, well im not laughing that’s for sure, although all three have said, I do not have to pay, and any privileges I had / have remain in place, for example one of the farmers has stopped all digging operations by the new club, due to the fields being sown, yet I am still allowed to detect until I think its wise not to, so I will carry on until the seedlings are around the two inch tall mark, then I will leave well alone…

Am I unhappy or peed off, yes, but who would turn down £ 200 cash to let someone detect for six hours on a field, and then claim more finance from the group if they find something, I will not blame the farmer, but this is whats happening now to a niche hobby that was once the reserve of a bunch of weird folk walking around with flower pots on sticks, there are more and more people doing the hobby and they have to go somewhere, I have detecting permissions that refuse people to detect because they have someone, but when a paying customer rocks up with £200 for doing nothing, what do you or can you say, except “thank you”

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