Justice is Served – Part Two…

First Texas Products Wins Judgment Against Counterfeiters…
First Texas Products Wins Judgment Against Counterfeiters in The United States District Court, First Texas Products, LLC has won a judgment against manufacturers and resellers of counterfeit metal detectors. In its July 31, 2018 order, the court rules that the counterfeiters “are permanently enjoined from manufacturing, importing, purchasing, distributing, selling, or offering for sale any counterfeit metal detector …”
“Guilty as charged,” exclaimed Tim Mallory, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for First Texas. “Guilty in China, guilty in Africa and now guilty in the United States of America.”

An excerpt from the previous article shown above, is a great way to follow on from the previous article where a court injunction, successfully challenged and won First Texas Metal Detectors, a place in the hearts of everyone who had ever been scammed, there injunction stops certain company’s and sales people from selling “Fake Goods” which not only protects the company’s integrity but there customers and future customers are protected from purchasing terrible copy’s of a fantastic metal detector, which in my opinion, is fantastic news, no more scams etc,

Well done to First Texas for achieving this and moving the company forward into safer waters… This is the only company bothering to do this at the moment, as both Minelab & Garret have illegal copy’s out there, which people are buying unwittingly thinking they are the genuine article, when in reality they are very poor quality “knock-off’s” – another thing First Texas has done for customer piece of mind, is to install digitally, the unique code which is your Metal Detectors “Serial Number” when you switch on your metal detector it will run through a serious of numbers, this is your unique “serial number” to your machine, when you first purchase your Teknetics product, you take a note of the serial number, pop it into an email and send it off to First Texas, who then send you back immediately, a confirmation email & thanking you for your purchase of a genuine First Texas product… Easy safe & a great piece of mind…

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