Memo to one’s self…

Tch-Tch things we do for our little bit of pleasure…

There has been a steady downpour all day, or its been raining all day, no matter which way you look at it, its been pissistintly raining all day long, hence my wet, muddy and somewhat bedraggled look, so when I got home, the first thing I did was head for the Shoffice, & take the T2 out of the bag, carefully laying it out on the workbench to gently dry out and warm itself up, the spade was taken out of the bags side pocket, and the protective sheaf removed and then the digger itself was propped up in the spade “tray” ready to dry out, so with the headphones, wiped over, and along with the gloves, and kneepads popped into a plastic box and left for tomorrow, I’ve nearly finished & after making sure the heater was on, I once again ventured out into the wet & windy night, locking the door behind me, i then scurried off indoors;

Now it was my turn, to get warm, with the shower already running upstairs, I started to disrobe as I headed for the shower, with sopping wet clothes being left behind as I headed towards a little bit of heaven, with my long suffering wife picking up the clothes I was discarding as I headed upstairs, whilst informing me to lock the door as Pru (the granddaughter) would be around, and would invade my shower, so dutifully I locked the bathroom door, & after a quick visit on the way to the shower, I got into the warming shower, just as my wife said “you could have left your wet & smelly socks outside the door” which is about the same time that I happened to look down at my new shower equipment;

Memo to oneself; in the future, remove your socks, prior to getting into the shower…

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