Trench Art…

Brian Ridley strikes again, this time I received a recipiecal gift, this stunning piece of contemporary trench-art was sent to me, in exchange for a few items that were of interest to Brian…

Brian dabbles in trench-art, and quite successfully if I might add, well I am the now the proud owner of one of his pieces of trench-art, it “I assume” was for the bits and pieces I posted to Brian… I don’t have to think about this at all, as I know i have come off better in this exchange, as mine was pre-made items sent as a gift, where as this was a piece of contemporary trench-art, in which Brian had to sit down and physically make, spending valuable time at his craft… I will say publicly, Brian’s gift from me was sent without anything needed or expected in return, but I am appreciative and well chuffed of his kind gift in return, thank you Brian….

IMG_20181120_211707_2CS (2).jpgshown on the left is the obverse of the pre-decimal penny showing the date of 1915, well within keeping of the theme of trench-art, whilst shown below is the reverse, and quite clearly showing King Georges outline, with which Brian cut around to create this lovely piece of “contemporary trench-art” even providing a drilled hole at the top, so I can create a key ring… brilliant…IMG_20181120_211656 (2).jpg

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