Have you ever had one of those moments, when expectations run high, & then the foreboding sets in…here is a synopsis of what happened; I have had an itchy coil for this farm for 18 odd years, when out of the blue, & not talking about metal detecting, the question I got in a conversation was, we have two fields you can try, that was on a Wednesday, by Thursday my mind was running circles  in and  around my head…  IMG_7641Friday I very nearly overran on the work schedule, wahoo Saturday was tomorrow, then on Saturday at the time of departure, the time came and went due to other pressing  matters… expectations started to turn into well it was a great idea, and by the time eleven o’clock chimed, I was free, I thought I might as well get some bits and pieces for a job I was doing on Monday, alright so the shop was ten miles in the opposite direction I was supposed to be, but, well,   I was late anyway… Work bits & pieces sorted, after a  twenty-mile drive, I’mIMG_7636 now sitting in the small pull in, right beside a huge tree trunk, blocking access to the people who hare course and other nefarious persons & people who would want to enter the field for what ever reason, even before stepping out of the vehicle I just knew this was going to be a struggle, and the whole idea of getting cold and muddy, seemed “not a good idea” but I have just one day, to try this and before daylight faded, in three hours time…and the end result, as predicted, iron the size of a complete tractor, also iron stones, couple small bits of lead, couple of buttons, aluminium, silver foil, gun caps and the highlight two green discs, which I presume once were coins… oh did I mention iron, loads of iron…

above left is a picture of the bean field, whilst on the right & with dusk settling in and the light fading fast, the muddied Eldorado & equipment;

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