Permission Cards…

These “Permission Cards” are the size of a standard business card, which fits neatly into the card holder and are designed to be carried “with & used” in conjunction with your Metal Detecting Membership & Insurance, with either FID or NCMD, and was put together, as a need arose for a simple solution to people concerned about what you are doing, and do you have permission… the quality of these reproduced images below are not that good, but when the new batch arrives then I will update the images… shown below and in bullet point, for ease, it highlights the simplicity of these little cards, whilst being “very effective in use”…


On the front of the card you will see in bold letters the words “Permission Card to Metal Detect” written in a dark red;

Whilst below the heading & in a darker contrasting colour, the words ” Permission has been Granted by;

Followed by the all important “Name…” of the person granting the permission, this persons name is to be wrote in clear letters; vista 1

This is followed by the “Address…” again wrote in clear letters, but it is unnecessary to write the whole address, just the first line of address followed by the post code is sufficient…

The name and address of the person given the permission can be filled in by you, before he/she then signs the all important bit on the bottom of the card where it says “Signature;


On the reverse of the card is where you, being the card holder, your, details are wrote, again in a dark red colour and quite clearly stating “Metal Detecting Permission has been Granted to;vista 2

Followed by your “Name” in a bold dark colour;

And your “Address; again a name or house number with a postcode is sufficient;

On the bottom of the Card, if you have an insurance with FID or NCMD then your insurance number can be wrote in the space provided, again helping to confirm it is really you holding the “Permission Card”…

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