I know nothing of this as yet, but I am interested, and getting more interested as I read about it… mmmmmm more to follow, me thinks…

“Step by Step” using iSmartDetect. Step 1: Open SETTINGS and select your Coordinate system: UTM WGS 84 is the Default GPS setting.
Step 2: Open SETTINGS and make your PHOTOS SETTINGS.
A. SAVE ORIGINAL PHOTO – ON/OFF (ON) B. ONLY DATE/TIME STAMP – ON/OFF (OFF) C. STAMP PROJECT NAME – ON/OFF (ON) D. STAMP INITIALS – Open + enter your initials. (They will by stamp at your photo)
Step 3: Open TOOLS and Create your first “Project”. Select PROJECT NAMES and the + icon and enter the name of your “Project”
Your are now basically ready to use iSmartDetect.
Step 4: Open TOOLS and PREDEFINED STAMP TEXT. This tool is created to save time. Because we often find the same type of objects, if you had entered COIN as Pred.text and selected that for your photo, COIN will be the first choice for picture no.2.
Step 5: Open TOOLS and WAYPOINT MARKERS. You have access to 9 different colour, X-A-B-C-D-EF-O-V, you can define the colours as you wish. Its your CATEGORY and can be selected by a Scrolling just before you enter SAVE a PHOTO. (Look for the Category box)
Step 6: Open TOOLS and EMAIL ADRESSES. This tool is all so made to save you time. Enter contact email addresses, and they are ready when you select, and use, SEND EMAIL
Step 7: Open TOOLS and NOTES.

This is free to use, unlike other apps. You can even enter WEB link in NOTES and use them.

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