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Christmas Tins from 1914… as told by northern-relic-hunter-bri…

This is my article on Christmas Mary Tins, from 1914, this first bit explains what they are, in so much of there history; i have 3 re-production tins from the daily mail and I will put inside, my take on the contents, each of the next “contempery  tins” will be posted on the Muddy Heritage Blog in three sections… so with this it will be done in four sections, this section is the history of the tins, & there contents….

Princess Mary Christmas fund…
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Indian Troops relax before the onslaught of the Western Front…

Following the outbreak of the First World War in August 1914, the British Expeditionary Force was sent to the Western Front and was soon joined by troops from the Empire, with the troops from India arriving before the end of the year. In October 1914, George V’s 17-year-old daughter, Mary, Princess Royal, launched an appeal for a fund, so every member of the armed forces, would receive a Christmas gift, so shortly before Christmas 1914, advertisements were placed in the British press seeking donations for the “Soldiers and Sailors Christmas fund” and £152,691 was soon raised, which in todays value [2018] would have exceeded  £ 167,608,272.00p, all without the aid of the internet….

The boxes…
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The 1914 Christmas gift fund, raised money for the manufacture of small metal boxes, made of silver for officers and brass for all others, each box was decorated with an image of Mary and other military and imperial symbols, and typically filled with an ounce of tobacco, a packet of cigarettes all wrapped in a yellow monogrammed wrapper, a cigarette lighter, and a Christmas card and photograph from Princess Mary, some of the tins contained sweets, chocolates and lemon drops. for the non-smokers…

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1914 tin with an almost complete contents
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showing the front view of the tin…

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