2019 update…

ok-this was supposed to have started on jan-1st, but I have been busy, so, where to start,IMG_5932 right this year I have got off to a flying start, with permissions, last year I lost just under two thousand odd acres, that’s a lot of land, for one person, but I had not even touched a third of it, due to restraints put into place by the tenant farmers, which I did not mind, it meant that I always had somewhere to go, also I had four more of my “land permissions” compromised by a club waving around and paying, two hundred pound a day for digs, I spoke to one of the land owners, and told him the truth, and he is looking into it, but this is not sour grapes on my behalf, far from it, its just that I can not and do not blame the land owners sitting indoors and getting paid two hundred pounds, to turn that kind of money down, would be mad… but three farms have signed into this, and all are owned by one person, and I know the tenants are not happy, as they now, have little or no control over where the club can go… IMG_7689where as when I turned up, it was an invite from them after I text them or stuck my head round the corner, and I always showed the upmost respect, still only time will tell… now what have I been doing, well, I have been out but not found much, and that “not much” will be posted later… with some videos, and this access to new land, I don’t  think many people have cottoned onto the idea yet, but I will explain more later as time progresses…

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