Anglo Saxon grave goods…

kjhg.jpgA history teacher called Gordon Taylor stumbled across a piece of human bone at Welbeck Hill in Irby-on-Humber, Lincolnshire in 1962 and subsequent excavations found 72 graves of mostly Anglo Saxon Females.

Subsequent Archaeological digs at the site revealed tweezers, scissors (top right), human remains (top left), amber and pottery beads. An Anglo-Saxon gilt square-headed brooch with motifs and decoration (middle) was found as well as girdle hangers bottom left) and a host of other decorative items (bottom right).

Hansons Auctioneers are selling the collection on June 1 2019 with the expectations of the final hammer price of between £50,000-£80,000.

Illustration of a girdle-hanger

Girdle Hangers…

An Artefact from the early Anglo-Saxon period – girdle-hangers – that are most often found in female burials in South Eastern England from the late 5th to early 7th century AD. With the aim of contextualizing girdle-hangers within the female costume and within the early Anglo-Saxon society at large…


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