Ice House…

Or at least a cold store…

when we brits need a cold place to store our perisables we built either an Ice House or somewhere under ground for storage of items best kept chilled… one might even have  been found in canada

when we where children, our parents always had in the pantry a flat piece of rock, and later a slab of concrete, most council houses built in the 1950’s – 60’s, were built with a pantry and a thick slab of concrete to keep chilled food cold, a perfect place to store, your butter, bacon, cheese etc… untitled

so it is worth keeping an eye out for them, as people stored ice, or even to keep there food chilled, people would have walked back and forth, and hopefully you might find something they dropped, as most were placed a far enough away from the house, and a path would have lead from the kitchen door, of the manor house, down to the cold storage area, so one of the servents would have to go back and forward, to replenish the kichen stock, most of these would have been built underground, into a bank or the side of a mound… thC6YG0AQZ

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