Before you all run-away, this is not just about religion, “Theology” as a study is about the various different Gods, Dietys & to a large extent religion itself, from the past to the present… ertWhilst also asking about mans basic fundamental needs, as a human being… th1FZCDL25

So the next question is, what does this have to do with Metal Detecting ?

Well, quite a lot actually, this all leads on to the world of Sacred Places, dotted around our countryside, from a simple well to a grove of trees, if we have a look at old maps and compare them with a modern map, some things have changed a lot, whilst other areas, woods etc… remain the same, so first, before we go much further, we should go back to the beginning, and ask, did ancient man have anything that was dear to him, from favorite tools, to places that provided food or shelter, to a large extent these old places are still favored today as sacred sites, so ten thousand years of places being important, must have left something behind for you and me, obviously ancient man and his tools made of stone cannot be detected by an electronic stick… but as in this case a hand axe that was picked up out of a field whilst hoe’in sugar beet in the early 70’s…handaxeBut add a few thousand years to that number and we are now in the bronze age, & now in the age of metallurgy, when man has now started to understand the science behind the blending two or more natural components to create another hardened component,  one that can be sharpened, & so bronze was the first metal, to be created, whether by accident or intentionally, that’s open to debate… this is why it is important that these sites, are looked for and understood, as it might increase our finds rate…






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