Muddy Heritage…

IMG_8496Well as the title implies, I have been out and about, finding bits and pieces of Muddy Heritage, without too much success I might add, but the last twelve times I have been out the weather and / or the ground conditions have been atrocious, so when I got home the finds were either bagged up or kept in there bag, ready to be sorted later, there is a few surprises, still to be found [I think] amongst the water & mud I can make out a few bits, none whole most broken but still worth rescuing…. I have now removed them from the bags ready to go through, and let them dry out, or attempt to…IMG_8497

The silver is always popped into a different holder and put into a zipped pocket, for safe keeping, I don’t know about you but I use an old cosmetic pouch from my daughter to keep the Silver in, and that is secured in a separate pocket, and I always stop detecting, IMG_8498take my gloves off, making sure my hands are not muddy & sticky, & then undo the IMG_8499jacket zip, and remove the pouch,  that way there is no chance of returning to the ground my hard won finds, anyway this is why the Hammered is not in there… I have now got   time to sort through them, but one at a time… As you can see I have put them in an old cutlery tray to try and dry them out, which keeps the finds separate so I can still remember which field they came from…

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