Theology; part two…


Beleave me there is a reason for writing this synopsis, if we follow in the footsteps of those that have traveled this earth before us, enlightenment comes in many forms, with knowledge comes power, fame and fortune, also hopefully some goodies dropped by those before us….

From about 180 AD there has been Christianity in this country, and it slowly spread throughout England, mainly being hosted by the Romano-British people, and there households, untill a revised form of Christianity appeared in 397AD, with this, the Christian Word, spread more quickly, and filtering down to the masses, with most of England, Wales and parts of Scotland becoming Christians, and in doing so helped with the economical & environmental issues that were left behind when Rome pulled its support from the Island, & leaving her to the mercy of the Angles, Saxons, Jutes & and various other invaders who fancied a slice of Britannia…

Soon there were brothers and sisters of the faith traveling the length and breath of this nation going from sacred site to sacred site, and spreading the word as they went, woh  – what sacred site, ahh now here is something, the sacred sites we are talking about are the ancient sites used by the Celts, and

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