Greed, an Ancient Curse…

All that most detectorists want is to go and play in the fields and find items of  historical interest, with a wistful hope of finding a hoard;

Whether you go it alone, join a club, or just you & a friend; if you venture out IMG_5932 (2)and meet up with a group, at a rally for instance,  its at these gatherings you are guaranteed to make new friends, as the hobby or obsession of Metal Detecting is practised by a friendly bunch of people, who on the whole are an ecliptic group of like-minded people wanting to enjoy a day out, with the hope & possibility of finding something old, & in the main are a envious but congratulatory bunch, so whether its a hoard or a single find of something we all would like to have found, there is no real animosity, just a bit of the old “green-eyed monster” but on the whole that soon passes, with “I was there when it was found” or “I was one of the lucky ones to hold it / see it” …IMG_7638

But whether its at a rally or you go and ask for permission independently, for all of this to happen you have to rely on the generous offers and nature of landowners and farmers alike, it does depend on the generosity of the person who owns the land, 99% of farmers say you won’t find anything on here, but it does not stop them giving you the chance to prove them wrong, and so without them allowing you to wander around there land none of us would be able to enjoy our hobby to the extent we do… So what happens when it goes sour

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