Sand-scratcher Bri…

bri5I saw my mate Charley on Sunday, at the car boot sale, he said sand had moved around at our favourite beach, so we arranged to have a go and poke around today, The tides were against us, as high tide was at 10.30am plus there was a drizzle of rain in the air, anyway we both decided to go, by the time I got there my mate was already down on the beach, when I got there…

I found a few coins but had a small area to dig because the tide was coming in, Charley shouted out he found half a gold ring bri4so I took a picture with my phone not very good picture though, we stayed a couple of hours I got 31 coins in them was a 1938 silver tanner and a 010.JPGbri2YL badge?bri3
Also, I got a small coin smaller than an old decimal 1/2 pence, nowt on it any ideas, we are going back down on Wednesday for another look, took pointer but I think it’s faulty you can hardly hear it when it finds a target…bri

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