Essex Rally

Dunmow Rotary Club Rally – 31st August Thaxted Essex

Please contact the organisers for further information. Their contact details can be found below….

Any questions,  get in touch with the organiser, please…..

This is the third rally organised by the club and is worth attending, with free coffee or tea all day, and you can purchase bacon rolls, which will be served up all day, if the previous digs are anything to go by this is a  well run Rally, well worth attending…

what-where-and-how… wow, have a guess who will be there..

Dunmow Rotary Club are holding their third EMDR on the 31st August at Thaxted in Essex, the site will be in excess of 100 acres and will be an arable site.

The cost of the event as last year is £18 per detectorist, £20 on the day. Breakfast will be served from 8.00am – with the event starting at 10.00am.

Lunch will also be provided if wanted….

Free tea and coffee will be served all day and the event will finish at 4.00 pm.

For tickets, send a sae with a cheque, made payable to “Dunmow Rotary Club” with your contact telephone number and email address to :


93 Brain Valley Avenue,
Black Notley,
CM77 8LT.
If unable to pay by cheque, please indicate this in the application and alternative arrangements will be sent by email. For any further information send an email to:

Barry Clark
Dunmow Rotary Club.

Featured post

Faces of History…

So that’s what they looked like… when you have found an item, whether it was personal, or an everyday object, have you ever wondered what the people looked like, that wore, owned or lost that artefact that you have just found…Metal Detectorists, as historians of the soil, gather more Artefacts than any government body and have added both to the local and social history of Great Britan, over the last few decades, but what has eluded us over the years is the faces, that lived in the houses, that have long since disappeared & are now just an impression on the landscape, or a misplaced hedge or tree that you have researched and found a clue to a past life, or by just pure luck you have found an area that people traded goods, the list could be endless, all of our pre-history to these sites have largely been found because the Metal Detectorist has spent relentless hours, of pains-taken walking, up and down the relentless soil, and digging into an unrelenting ground, before he stumbles upon his own secret area of history…Now the faces are still conjectured, but instead of haaving a line drawing from the old school books, these ancestors look more like humans, which helps place that coin, you have found or that belt buckle, to a tangible face…


15th / 16th buckle

Foaming Bottles…

Ideal Field Use…
Perfect for the Metal Detectorist, whilst out in the field to deliver just the right amount of soapy water onto a coin or artefact, to reveal just enough of the detail… unlike some train of thought, carrying glass foaming bottles into the field is not the best of practice, so i do recommend that you buy a plastic one, also the bottles need to be able to be leak-proof and fit into a pocket, and sit comfortably in the hand..
Whilst these bottles could just contain water, i always pop a weak washing up liquid solution into the bottle and the action of pumping the nozzle creates a foaming action, great for silver coins…
instead of pouring your precious drinking water onto an item, use these little fella’s…
These bottles fit comfortably into a pocket or pouch and come supplied with a cap to protect the nozzle head from getting dirty… Cost of £ 1.99p with free postage…

T2 & an Early Start…

Metal Detectorists cuaght in the early morning mist... Almost but not quite; the photo shown below, could have been inspired by the photo shot by Wayne, [ shown on the left ] except it was not until i uploaded the photos, that i realised, just how similar they were, whereas the photo shown below shows Oliver setting up both T2’s, beside the iron-age ramparts before we started to detect, and Waynes show them in full flow… IMG_7688

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