Brass, Copper & Non-Precious Coins…

The copper coins of scotland was introduced by James V in 1538, valued at sixpence. These bawbee’s carry his ‘I5’ monogram flanking a crowned thistle, and a large saltire on the reverse with a central crown. There was also smaller half bawbee and quarter bawbee. Around the year 1544 his widow Mary of Guise minted bawbees at Stirling Castle, with the ‘MR’ cipher, and the cross potent with crosslets of Lorraine on the reverse. The first bawbees of Mary, Queen of Scots issued by the mint at Holyroodhouse in Edinburgh carried the cinquefoil emblems of Regent Arran.
The issue of King Charles II was a coin of copper with the famed reverse inscription Nemo me impune lacessit (“No one provokes me with impunity”), although the last word on these coins was spelled “Lacesset”. This motto is still in use today on the edge of the circulating Scottish one pound coins. The motto is around a crowned thistle followed by the date. This coin was valued at six pence Scots or half an English penny.

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