Essex Rally

Dunmow Rotary Club Rally – 31st August Thaxted Essex

Please contact the organisers for further information. Their contact details can be found below….

Any questions,  get in touch with the organiser, please…..

This is the third rally organised by the club and is worth attending, with free coffee or tea all day, and you can purchase bacon rolls, which will be served up all day, if the previous digs are anything to go by this is a  well run Rally, well worth attending…


Dunmow Rotary Club are holding their third EMDR on the 31st August at Thaxted in Essex, the site will be in excess of 100 acres and will be an arable site.

The cost of the event as last year is £18 per detectorist, £20 on the day. Breakfast will be served from 8.00am – with the event starting at 10.00am.

Lunch will also be provided if wanted….

Free tea and coffee will be served all day and the event will finish at 4.00 pm.

For tickets, send a sae with a cheque, made payable to “Dunmow Rotary Club” with your contact telephone number and email address to :


93 Brain Valley Avenue,
Black Notley,
CM77 8LT.
If unable to pay by cheque, please indicate this in the application and alternative arrangements will be sent by email. For any further information send an email to:

Barry Clark
Dunmow Rotary Club.

Featured post

Sandscratcher Bri…

Had a 3 hour hunt at my favourite spot on Monday 15th, with me &  Charly scrapping away at the mud & in between the  shingle,  this is one of my favorite spots to sand-scratch, just with my scraping tool and a pin-pointer only, with a good result for the days scratching, of thirty nine [39] coins, which included  6-x-6d’s, plus 7-x3d or pre-decimal joeys, these multi-bri2nd21mnvsided three pence pieces, survive pretty well in certain soil conditions yet with other soil conditions they  deteriorate quite rapidly, as can be seen here the sharp corners are now nearly  roundcbvg, two post 1921 silver and nickel sixpences (6d)one was so badly eaten, by the corrosive salt its impossible to tell the date, with a George 5th  3d found in the same condition… for the rest they were well worn  modern coins… Roll on the storms when I am going to hammer this spot with my Silver Sabre.2, an excellent machine for this sort of work…

Fathers Day…

Again i got spoiled on fathers day,  this year apart from a concert, which is amazing in itself, my other daughter got me a sign of off the tin-ter-net saying “I would rather be metal IMG_9191 (2)detecting” plus a splendid book called “finds identified” [more on that later] IMG_9192 (2)and a wooden tray for my metal detecting finds, amongst other bits and pieces… as you can see this tray has various sizes of compartments, which is ideal for the various sizes of finds we tend to find, i now, have several trays to fill up, so i had better get out there with the T2 and find some more artefacts…


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