Medieval Brooches…

Medieval Brooches…


This is a subject matter that has so far eluded me on my travels around the fields of England & the foreshores of the Rivers, with many an opportunity working in London not finding anything Medieval, with these Medieval Brooches appearing in all shapes and sizes..

Kendal Museum has acquired this medieval silver annular brooch that dates from the thirteenth century.

The brooch is unusual as it still has an intact pin. The frame of the brooch is plain and without decoration. The pin tapers to a point, which rests on the frame. The other end of the pin encircles the frame and has a collar. This lies flush against the attachment loop and is decorated with punched circles. The landowner kindly donated her share of the reward to Kendal Museum after the find was considered a ‘treasure trove’.

Details of the brooch:
Dimensions: diameter of frame 21 mm, the height of the frame is 2 mm, length of pin 22 mm.
Class: Annular


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