Non Precious metal “coins”…

Non-precious metal “coins”

This covers a huge aspect of coin collecting with coins being cast traditionally in bronze than copper, and it was this way for years, without any copper or bronze coins being minted from the Saxon period throughout the early medieval period, until tin, lead, aluminium etc became the next generation of coins…all coins become different when they are produced locally, with this i mean, per country, although we are classed as The United Kingdom, there are three countries within the UK, to form Great Britain, England being the major player followed by Wales and Scotland, to form a united country, without boundaries or borders & the need for passports, although each country maintains its own border in name only …

Scotland has its own coinage, which it maintains, and has quite a history of copper coins  with the most common known coin the Bawbee  which appeared much later under James, but was still so debased, with hardly any silver, that when found  by metal detectorist, people maintain that they were copper coins, when in fact when “new” they took on a silvery appearance, but in reality more than likely were 23 parts copper to one part silver..


The first penny to be made in copper was the cartwheel penny, which didn’t last very long, after that it was 1806. Up until then, it was only halfpennies and farthings. There were really only 3 dates for this proportioned coin. 1799, 1806, and 1807, although there was an 1805, but i think that was Irish. The 1799 coin has a curved base to Britannia, which is where the date will be, the other, the base of Britannia is flat, and the bottom of the bust is curved, and had the date underneath,

The cartwheel penny was 1 ounce and 1/8 0f a foot so 8 inline & touching each other will measure one foot in length, this was to prevent counterfeit coins being made as the weight alone made it impractical for forgers to try and replicate…300px-Mary_bawbee_1542_127326.jpg

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