Whilst some of the links below are of poor quality, the actual books and photographs are exactly the same quality in real-time “print”, because of the digitized age we are used to being able to produce almost life-like photos through lighting and “photo-shop” which does resemble the real thing, but unfortunately modern digitizing does nothing to these lower quality photographs, which leaves a lot to be desired, but the text/word content is the most important piece, although like any book or publication it is best described with pictures as a reference…

Anglo Saxon Cruciform Brooches Florid Type

Anglo Saxon Cruciform, Long & Equal Arm Brooches

Anglo Saxon Disc & Annular Brooches

Anglo Saxon Disc Brooch, King’s School Canterbury

Anglo Saxon Fifth Century Brooches

Anglo Saxon Iron Brooch

Anglo Saxon Great Square Headed Brooches

Anglo Saxon Brooch, Experts Statement


Quelques planches de boucles



















shown above; is a good cross selection of Anglo Saxon / Early Medieval Buckles…

Anglo Saxon Brooches From Suffolk

Anglo Saxon Brooches From West Stow, Suffolk

Anglo Saxon Brooches In Sth England

Anglo Saxon Brooches, Tomb Furniture (1903)

Anglo Saxon Animal Brooches Burgh Castle & Brantham

Anglo Saxon Button Brooch From West Sussex

Anglo Saxon Composite Brooches Geometry

Anglo Saxon Cross Plate Brooch

Anglo SaxonCruciform Brooch In England (Embargoed)

Anglo Saxon Cruciform Brooches Florid Type 


shown above; – both sides of a broken Lobe Charm ? wtf ? it seems strange because of the colour difference, but they are “one of the same” two sets of different letters, was this a love gesture, like LA for AG ?ℜ

hayeswood 682





An Anglo Saxon Strap-End…


Anglo Saxon Lozenge Shaped Brooch 

Anglo Saxon PenannularBrooches Fowler Type G 

Anglo Saxon Saucer Brooch (The Changing Face)

Anglo Saxon Saucer Brooches Salin Style I

Anglo Saxon Supporting-Arm BroochBrooches

1-Early Anglo-SaxonBrooches

2-Middle Anglo-Saxon Brooches

3-Late Saxon, Viking & Norman


Although we are putting this paper in here on Anglo Saxon Coinage, the majority of the coinage will be dealt with under the umbrella of Hammered coins, as we will be taken the Saxon period as the start of the medieval period and the start of the hammered coinage…  below is a coin that’s was found a few years back, photos do no justice to this splendid little hammered penny;

saxon coinpicfont


Viking Tortoise Brooch Analysis,Townfoot Farm

Viking Ring Brooch Making

Visual catalogue 289

Viking Oval Brooches Style, Innovation & Social Networks

Viking Oval Brooches Crossbreeding Beasts

Viking Oval Brooches

Viking Oval Brooch Types (Not English)

Viking Fibula Type Brooches

Viking Domed Oblong Brooches

Viking Brooches Harja Fibel Tavle (Norsk)

Viking Brooches Harja Fibel Tabel (Norsk)

Viking Age Animal Art On Brooches