IMG_0206 (8)IMG_0299 (2)Well I have wrote this five times now [today is 25th / September] each one got to a point and then ended up being drafted, before finally being deleted, well im trying again [this will, at some point be drafted, no doubt]

At 9.20am on Friday 21st September I had my companion, best friend, detecting buddie – what ever you would call him “killed”  – that’s the bottom line… As a human, are we far more intelligent than we think we are ! what gives us the write to kill, just by signing a piece of paper, and playing God ?

If you don’t know, when you sign the paperwork, it says & I quote ”  I will want this dog destroyed” now is it me or is that wrong, why should we have any thing destroyed ?

I still don’t know what to say on 3rd October, but this will remain a draft, for the time being…look at this, drafted again, again & again, I am lost for words as to what I have done;

This has to be posted, for what ever reason, why I don’t know, but its got to be posted, its late in the evening of the 26th-October 2018, and i can think of a millon words, that has to be wrote, but none i can think of are what needs to be “posted” …

I can add bits later, as an update, i suppose;

I have dedicated this fathers day gift to Toby;

Shown on the Left;  “is”  Toby as imortilised into my, 2018 Fathers Day Gift, which was only, a few months before his untimely death…

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