Trade & Coin Tokens…

This deals with all Tokens & not just the Trade Tokens of the 17th Century….

As with all excavated coins, a token can be hard to decipher, due to there poor condition once dug out of the ground;

Most Small & Thin Tokens found by Treasure Hunters & Metal Detectorists, are of very low-quality, & are associated with the 17th century, with little or no hope of seeing much on the token, & with experts out there collecting them, they themselves are becoming more accessible due to social media, meanwhile Mudlarks seem to find better quality tokens, & coins in general…

Tokens have been associated with man since the advent of the coin, as it is well known the Romans had Brothel Tokens, so when you try to ID a token & all that is left, to help you ID is maybe a picture or a word, that is the only thing visible, this then starts a hunt for an answer, we are trying to bring together a collective amount of pictures and descriptions from various books & sources, and would like to add as many clear photos as possible, but as with most things, line drawings are the best way to show & describe an artefact in the clearest form, without having to scale everything down,  although it should any drawn artefact should be shown with a true scale, within or next to the token…

With so many books out there on Tokens it is difficult to find a place to start, for example, if you find a three-legged symbol on the reverse of a coin, you know it comes from the Isle of Mann, but what your actually holding might not be a coin, but in actual fact, it is a  token, for tokens & coins were produced for all of the territories of the British Empire;

Whilst most tokens are associated with the lack of small change of the 17th century, these tend to be relatively thin, with production being instigated by local trades, & were produced for the local butcher, baker or candlestick maker…London was not the only city to issue tokens,

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