U.K. Hallmarks…

In my opinion here is one of the most important links, to be found on the Internet the “British Hallmark Guide” … Although a bit of a misnomer as the site also covers hallmarks from around the world, but as a guide, it is fantastic, leading you through the process of reading silver or gold marks, from not only England but the rest of the world;



Crisford & Norris Ltd 1896..1978
(registered Jan 1896) Baby’s rattle, bookmark, box, button hook, card case, compact, match box holder, napkin ring, pepperette, shoe horn, spoon, stamp case, trophy cup Manufacturing jewellers, Vyse Street, Birmingham


C & N
Crisford & Norris
Birmingham 1902 hallmark



Please Note; that a different “Date Letter Stamp” was used between…
March 27th 1697
& May 29th 1697

United Kingdoms, Silver Assay Office Marks; 

Shown below is how to read any date and marks on silver, this an easy task once you have the right tools, shown below is an example, we start of with the first two letters, which represents the ‘maker’s mark’., with the Anchor showing that it was assayed at the Birmingham Office, whilst the lion passant is present on all hallmarked silver since1544 and considered to represent the assay office coming under royal control, and lastly there is a date letter; 


Shown below are some of the town assay marks:











This is an interesting link, & details what you will come across, on most silver items, with the all important dates…   silver marks ID